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2017 Awards for Excellence Winner – Recreational Other

Tasman Canvas                                                                                                     

Project name:  Tussock country bell tent                  

Fabric used: Billabong

Fabric Supplied by: Contender NZ

Components supplied by: W Wiggins

What did the client request?

Our clients are well established Glamping [glamour camping] operators based in the Central Otago region. They move tents from site to site depending on the clientelle and haqve sites in quite remote and beautiful locations. They began their business using a range of commercially available tents, but as they became established decided that something more unique was in order.








What is unique or complex about the project?

When they approached our company they had some design parameters of design but no fixed idea on overall theme. We established their needs then presented a budget for three stages, design, prototype then production.

So far we have manufactured six units for them. These tents are made exclusively for our clients and will not be available to other clients.

We based our designs on the classic european Bell tent, which is a conical facetted tent with low walls and a peaked doorway. The tent has been used for by the military as evidenced by historic photos of WW1 , and also used by groups such as the scouts.

We adapted the basic design to create more wall height and create space for windows, added side poles in external pockets to create stability as the tents are used in some high wind areas. We also developed a special door peak frame to facilitate removal of the central door pole to create unrestricted access and views. Each tent has two three way windows and internal bugmesh doors.

The poles are custom two part thick wall tubing with ends swaged to allow for joining.








What were the results of the project?

Initially our clients ordered the prototype tent and  once the design was settled on two more. We have just recently completed a further order of  3 tents making up the 6 tents seen in the photo.

There has been only very slight modifications from the original prototype. The tents have been in use now for several months and the clients are very happy with all aspects of their exclusive tents.

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