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2017 Awards for Excellence Winner – Marine Fabrication

Fabric Structures                                                                        

Project name:  FPB 78-2            

Fabric used: Stamoid.

Fabric Supplied by: Top Fab / QCD

Components supplied by: QCD


What did the client request?
Weight was the key factor involved here so glass and modern roofing materials were ruled out and replaced with light weight neutral pvc solutions.


High frequency welding on all seaming ,minimal sewing with PTFE thread and all tensioning to be hidden from sight were requested by the designer.


What is unique or complex about the project?
Creating a Bimini that presented itself as a hard top with all tensioning hidden from view. 
Creating opening rear window screens that will appear glass like once tensioned. Fly screen / clear opening main deck door.





What were the results of the project?
The designers, customers and fabricators were extremely happy with the results.



















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