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2017 Awards for Excellence Winner – Domestic Shade Sail


Project name:  Wada Shade Sail                      

Fabric used: Mocha Z16 Shade Cloth

Fabric Supplied by: Rainbow Shade

Components supplied by: Rainbow Shade

What did the client request?
Initially the client wanted a small shade sail to provide privacy for their backyard and pool area as well as the second floor living area of their home. After the first shade was installed the client liked the effect so much he called to ask for another shade to cover the patio area of the pool.


What is unique or complex about the project?
The project was made more complex by the differing requirements of the client of visual  privacy from neighbours as well as provision of shade. Access, the pool and placement of poles limited options of location and shape of sails. The well established garden had to be totally protected from all workings 

For the second sail the client insisted on use of the existing poles from our first installation thus having the correct angle for one shade to provide privacy and then create enough space between the first and second shade to avoid any rubbing.

Using CAD system to create the correct shape and present visual options to the client made sure that the project would meet his very specific requirements.



What were the results of the project?

The client was extremely happy with the result. The shades are subtle and effective in providing both shade and privacy without dominating the backyard. The chosen colour looks fantastic and is enhanced by the garden.