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2017 Awards for Excellence Winner – Awnings

Duncan’s Canvas Ltd                                                                             

Project name:  Riverside Retractable Roof                

Fabric used: Serge Ferrari 502 Precontraint

Fabric Supplied by: W. Wiggins

Components supplied by: W. Wiggins

Fabrication Company: GS World


What did the client request?

Our client had engaged an architect to design a complex deck perched on the bank of the Waikato River. It was a high spec hardwood deck and there was extreme attention to detail on all developments on the property. Our brief was to provide a covered high class, stylish entertainment area which was easily retractable. It also had to have the ability to be enclosed with clear screens.

What is unique or complex about the project?

It was complex because the foundations had to start 2m off the ground as it was attached to a deck overhanging a public walkway.  The complexity was having anchors float past an existing glass wall so the entire deck, including the glass balustrade  would be protected from the elements. As well as the existing glass panelling we also had to work around a sink bench and associated plumbing and make sure none of our structure interfered with existing materials.


The project was unique, because as well as being a canvas company, we had to become mediators, counsellors and negotiators for this project.  While on the face the project did not require a consent, a long standing dispute with neighbours meant the client was forced to apply for resource consent because of the height to boundary rules.

 This delayed the project for a year, during which time communication totally broke down between our client and the neighbour, and the whole project was threatened.  We had to act as the go-between pacifying the neighbour, dealing with the council and representing our client in numerous capacities.

What were the results of the project?

Resource consent was granted, and the project finished to the very high standards expected by this client. They are delighted and spend a lot of time entertaining in the idyllic space created.  We have also continued and fitted screens and a supplementary roof to the project.

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