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2017 Awards for Excellence Winner < 50sqm Tensioned Structures

Fresco Shades NZ Ltd                                                                                    

Project name:  Project Podbielski                    

Fabric used: Ferrari 502

Fabric Supplied by: W. Wiggins

What did the client request?

Our customer was renovating his house, including building an outdoor entertainment area at the front of house.|Included in the plans was a large outdoor BBQ/pizza oven with a chimney – the brief was to cover the area and fit the roof around the chimney.  Easy!

What is unique or complex about the project?
When we went back to do final measure the customer wanted to change the arch direction, which caused some issues – we couldn’t attach to the house as we had planned and priced, and sealing against weather boards is always an issue.

Detailed plans were needed, as this was a small canopy high on detail with a very fussy owner.  The look was really important – a refusal to have base plates showing on the deck meant fitting around decking bearers.  Decking was taken up and posts had to go through the deck with additional timber structures under the decking to support the posts.

The cover was pre-made in one piece with a chimney hole, which had to be absolutely accurate, and the installers had to lift the whole cover in one piece over the chimney and tension it around the edges.  This alone is a real skill, but added to the fun, we had to work within a very tight space – installers had to lie on the roof and hang over on an angle to get the screws in.

Special flashings were installed against the weatherboard wall.







What were the results of the project?

Some jobs are more challenging than others, in this case we were dealing with constantly changing wish lists from the client.  He pushed the boundaries about what was possible, in the end we came through with a design that has thrilled our demanding client.  The space now gets constant use, and we have had many referrals.  Fortunately none with a chimney to cover!

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