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2017 Awards for Excellence Winner >100sqm Tensioned Structures


Project name:  Softbank Team Japan             

Fabric used: Serge Ferrari 802

Fabric Supplied by: Innova

Engineer Company: Redco

Fabrication Company: Baytex Manufacturing

Graphics Company: Rutherford Signs

What did the client request?

The purpose of this job was to provide 2 separate workshop spaces, to house a high-performance catamaran and its aerofoil wing-sail, which was both re-locatable and able to stand up to the rigid building regulations of the island nation where the tent would primarily reside. Each space has custom built container workshop for work on the different parts of the catamaran. Key words from the Design Brief were ‘Clean’ and ‘Contemporary’

The client requested a 34mx30m Arched Truss building 7m high with 2 separate working areas. The fabric building had to be fully transportable and be packed into 4 shipping containers and reinstalled at the next location, very helpful for a sailing team with a world-wide itinerary!  The tent had the ability to hoist the catamaran or wing sail high into the 7m roof space with the 4-tonne chain hoist, as supported by the tent’s framework.

What is unique or complex about the project?

There were a number of complexities to this project with the main ones being around the timelines, logistics and budget of the project.  With regards to the timeline, the entire project needed to be completed within 5 months.  This left us a 3 month engineer / design / manufacture ‘window’, one month to ship the product over the other side of the world and then one more month to complete the installation, a pretty tight schedule for fully engineered, high-spec 1000+m2 structure!  Logistically, because the location was over the other side of the world, our planning and accuracy had to be really ‘on-point’.  It also meant that things like Work Visas had to be processed and local labour crews had to be organised and managed.  Another big logistical challenge for this project was meeting the engineering requirements of the local authority (this tent is engineered to 153 mph – Category 3 Cyclone level!).

What were the results of the project?

Feedback on this 34m x 30m arched-truss ‘Boat Shed’ project has been extremely positive with everyone seemingly delighted about the final product. We went on to build an additional structure being the visitors tent.


 The team, together with a crowd of over 500 dignitaries, friends, and family members, celebrated the completion of the team’s new base on Saturday, May 14 with a traditional “roof wetting ceremony”.  The official opening of the facility caps a 5-month construction program and marks a significant milestone in the team’s campaign. “Unbelievable! I am really proud of our team”, said Team Premier, enthused by the progress the team has made since announcing their intentions just over one year ago.

Baytex continues to work closely with a number of professional sailing syndicates around the world.  We were very happy to hear that our reputation as a quality supplier to this industry had found us on the Preferred Supplier List for a new team looking to make their mark!

Is there any other relevant information?

A lot of the framework on this tent is on its exterior, which helps with the ‘clean & contemporary’ aspect of the design brief but also helps provide maximum space internally. The bi-fold steel doors are also an impressive sight and really demonstrate both the aesthetic and functional nature of the tent, with these doors actually providing extra support in cyclone conditions by having the ability to lock-in to storm struts if required.

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